Practice Areas


Purchase​ ​Agreements

Any transfer of real property requires a thoughtful, well-negotiated purchase agreement that can help protect your interests. Drafting the agreement carefully will help you to minimize risk— and may even help you identify risks that you didn’t know existed. Call us today to find out how we can structure an agreement that fits your unique needs.

Land​ ​Use

Do you have a current issue that surrounds a land use ordinance? Or, have you received a complaint from a governmental entity that concerns your property? In any case, let us help structure a solution on your behalf. We can help guide you through the land use compliance process. The better you are able to navigate relevant regulations, the more flexibility you will have in making the best use of your property.

Boundary​ ​Disputes

From time to time, adjoining property owners have disputes as to the boundaries that define their respective properties. These disputes might involve an adverse possession claim, a disagreement
over an easement, an encroaching building, or some other contested issue. In all such cases, time is an important factor. Acting as soon as possible will help you retain the land to which you have legitimate ownership. For more information on your relative rights in such disputes, call our office today.


Easements are a common issue that affects many landowners. Simply put, an easement is a right to use someone else’s property for a specified, limited use. This right arises in a variety of
different situations, such as an access road running across your land, or someone else having the right to walk by your house in order to reach the ocean. It is important that you understand the implications of any given easement so that you can preserve the value and integrity of your property. Whatever your issue with an easement may be, we can help you discover the best way to increase the rights you keep on your own land.

Condemnation/​ ​Eminent​ ​Domain

Many people are shocked to discover that the government can and will take their property for certain governmental projects: these projects might include highways, road projects, schools,
access routes, or even some private developments. Surrendering your property for such public uses can sometimes be daunting and very frustrating. Rest assured, however, that you have rights— the government must compensate you for your land, or even for the “use” of the land that it takes from you. Getting a fair amount of compensation is where we can step in and help.

Landlord/​ ​Tenant

Are you a prospective commercial or residential tenant? Or, are you a landlord or tenant that needs assistance with a lease agreement, or possibly with some other issue concerning a rental property? From the beginning of the landlord-tenant relationship to the end, let our experience guide you through the very complex body of Oregon landlord-tenant law.



From vendor and purchase agreements to licensing and leases, there are countless types of contracts that one can end up facing from day to day. Each contract has its own unique aspects, and each requires a unique approach. With every agreement you sign, it is important that you protect your interests, as well as understand exactly what it is that you are agreeing to. We’ll explain each aspect of a contract in a language you can understand— and, no matter what type of agreement you may be considering, we are happy to negotiate on your behalf so as to help you achieve the best position possible.

Entity Formation
When first starting their business, many wonder which entity type is right for them. Should it be an S corp., a C corp., or maybe an LLC? Is there any real difference? The short answer is – yes. Depending on your particular situation, one entity type may offer better tax advantages over the other, or might even offer better opportunities for expansion or transition. Many beginning business owners simply default to the basic LLC without considering important factors that may affect their bottom line down the road. What’s more, many fail to take the proper steps to insure that their business is adequately protected from liability. We’ll help you take the right direction from the onset, avoiding unnecessary disputes and costly lawsuits that could derail your business in the future.

Business Transition and Growth
Businesses change; they adapt. In order to survive, they must continually reinvent themselves, staying flexible in the face of shifting market conditions. Your business likely has experienced
this already: for example, maybe you have already weathered the economic slowdown by cutting costs or expanding into new product lines. Or, maybe your business is currently booming, but you are unsure of how to best handle the growth and to keep the integrity of your company intact at the same time. Still, on the other side of the coin, maybe you’ve spent years building your dream but are now ready to pass it on to future generations… or even to sell it outright. Whatever your situation, business transitions take careful planning and strategy. We can help you through the process so as to maximize your potential and to further your goals.