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General Counsel/ General Corporate Matters

Anyone who has owned a business knows that certain difficulties are bound to arise in one form or the other… if owning a business was easy, everyone would do it! Our firm is familiar with the various types of hurdles a business can face throughout its existence, such as labor issues, vendor disputes, administrative hassles, and more. In that respect, we have acted as “general counsel” for many businesses who need legal guidance along the way. 

Most importantly, our firm has built a unique network of outside law firms that focus on the more specialized disciplines of law that can affect your business affairs. We know that sometimes the best way to help our clients is to find the right person for the particular job-- and in many cases, that may be a firm other than our own. For all of our business clients, our general mission is to identify problems and to get the right expertise for handling these problems, all for the betterment of your business going forward.